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We support "open science”, preregsitration & preprints. Here you can find published code and data. Here is a list of recent articles and preprints that adhere to open science principles.


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  • Harris, Hagg & Pletzer, 2022, Frontiers in Neuroscience: "Eye-Movements During Navigation in a Virtual Environment: Sex Differences and Relationship to Sex Hormones"
  • Menting-Henry, Hidalgo-Lopez, Aichhorn, Kronbichler, Kerschbaum & Pletzer, 2022, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience: "Oral Contraceptives Modulate the Relationship Between Resting Brain Activity, Amygdala Connectivity and Emotion Recognition – A Resting State fMRI Study"


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  • Pletzer, Scheuringer, Harris & Scherndl, 2021, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General: "The missing link: Global-local processing relates to number-magnitude processing in women."


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  • Pletzer, 2016, Scientific Reports: "Sex differences in number processing: Differential systems for subtraction and multiplication were confirmed in men, but not in women"