Reach & Touch Lab

What we do

We ask how humans integrate touch and movement, and how these seemingly basic sensorimotor processes contribute to the way we perceive and represent ourselves. Some of the questions we pose are:

  • How do we determine which body part a touch occurred on?
  • How do we choose the body part with which we respond to something happening on our body?
  • How doe our movement and action plans affect what we feel, and vice versa?
  • What kind of internal maps, codes, and representations are these types of processes based on?
  • And how do they determine, and interact with, other cognitive processes such as attention and decision making?

We approach these questions with a variety of methods and have received different lines of funding.

Where we are

We are part of Salzburg University's Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Psychology. We have recently transitioned from Bielefeld University; therefore, some of our team members are located there.

Get an overview of our work

Take a look at these review papers to get an overview over some of our work:

What's new