Boukje Habets

Boukje Habets

Senior Scientist

PLUS Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

Department of Psychology



Illusory tactile movement crosses arms and legs and is coded in external space
Marie Martel, Xaver Fuchs, Jörg Trojan, Valerie Gockel, Boukje Habets, Tobias Heed


Infants are superior in implicit crossmodal learning and use other learning mechanisms than adults
Sophie Rohlf, Boukje Habets, Marco von Frieling, Brigitte Röder


Neural basis of linearization in speech production
Zheng Ye, Boukje Habets, Bernadette M. Jansma, Thomas F. Münte
The role of synchrony and ambiguity in speech-gesture integration during comprehension
Boukje Habets, Sotaro Kita, Zeshu Shao, Asli Özyurek, Peter Hagoort


Others' actions reduce crossmodal integration in peripersonal space
Tobias Heed, Boukje Habets, Natalie Sebanz, Günther Knoblich