Ya-Ping Chen

Ya-Ping Chen

PhD Student

PLUS Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

Department of Psychology

Research Interests:



Neural speech tracking shifts from the syllabic to the modulation rate of speech as intelligibility decreases
Fabian Schmidt, Ya-Ping Chen, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Ronny Hannemann, Maja Serman, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz
Speech intelligibility changes the temporal evolution of neural speech tracking
Ya-Ping Chen, Fabian Schmidt, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz


Degradation levels of continuous speech affect neural speech tracking and alpha power differently
Anne Hauswald, Anne Keitel, Ya-Ping Chen, Sebastian Rösch, Nathan Weisz
European Journal of Neuroscience


Effects of Exercise Modes on Neural Processing of Working Memory in Late Middle-Aged Adults: An fMRI Study
Feng Tzu Chen, Ya-Ping Chen, Stefan Schneider, Shih Chun Kao, Chih Mao Huang, Yu Kai Chang
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience