Thomas Hartmann

Thomas Hartmann

Senior Scientist

PLUS Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

Department of Psychology

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Involuntary shifts of spatial attention contribute to distraction-Evidence from oscillatory alpha power and reaction time data
Annekathrin Weise, Thomas Hartmann, Fabrice Parmentier, Nathan Weisz, Philipp Ruhnau


Direct cochlear recordings in humans show a theta rhythmic modulation of auditory nerve activity by selective attention
Quirin Gehmacher, Patrick Reisinger, Thomas Hartmann, Thomas Keintzel, Sebastian Rösch, Konrad Schwarz, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Neuroscience



An Introduction to the Objective Psychophysics Toolbox
Thomas Hartmann, Nathan Weisz
Frontiers in Psychology
Stereotactic electroencephalography in humans reveals multisensory signal in early visual and auditory cortices
Stefania Ferraro, Markus J. Van Ackeren, Roberto Mai, Laura Tassi, Francesco Cardinale, Anna Nigri, Maria Grazia Bruzzone, Ludovico D’incerti, Thomas Hartmann, Nathan Weisz, Olivier Collignon
Decoding across sensory modalities reveals common supramodal signatures of conscious perception
Gaëtan Sanchez, Thomas Hartmann, Marco Fuscà, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Nathan Weisz
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America