Nathan Weisz

Nathan Weisz

Full Professor

PLUS Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

Department of Psychology

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Carrier‐frequency specific omission‐related neural activity in ordered sound sequences is independent of omission‐predictability
Anne Hauswald, Kaja Rosa Benz, Thomas Hartmann, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Nathan Weisz
European Journal of Neuroscience
Eye movements track prioritized auditory features in selective attention to natural speech
Quirin Gehmacher, Juliane Schubert, Fabian Schmidt, Thomas Hartmann, Patrick Reisinger, Sebastian Rösch, Konrad Schwarz, Tzvetan Popov, Maria Chait, Nathan Weisz
Nature Communications
Neural Speech Tracking Highlights the Importance of Visual Speech in Multi-speaker Situations
Chandra Leon Haider, Hyojin Park, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Individual prediction tendencies do not generalize across modalities
Juliane Schubert, Nina Suess, Nathan Weisz


Eavesdropping on Tinnitus Using MEG: Lessons Learned and Future Perspectives
Lisa Reisinger, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Nathan Weisz
JARO: Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Neural speech tracking shifts from the syllabic to the modulation rate of speech as intelligibility decreases
Fabian Schmidt, Ya-Ping Chen, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Ronny Hannemann, Maja Serman, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz
Distinguishing fine structure and summary representation of sound textures from neural activity
Martina Berto, Emiliano Ricciardi, Pietro Pietrini, Nathan Weisz, Davide Bottari
Involuntary shifts of spatial attention contribute to distraction-Evidence from oscillatory alpha power and reaction time data
Annekathrin Weise, Thomas Hartmann, Fabrice Parmentier, Nathan Weisz, Philipp Ruhnau
Network topology in brain tumor patients with and without structural epilepsy: a prospective MEG study
Barbara Ladisich, Stefan Rampp, Eugen Trinka, Nathan Weisz, Christoph Schwartz, Theo Kraus, Camillo Sherif, Franz Marhold, Gianpaolo Demarchi
Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders
Ageing as risk factor for tinnitus and its complex interplay with hearing loss—evidence from online and NHANES data
Lisa Reisinger, Fabian Schmidt, Kaja Benz, Lorenzo Vignali, Sebastian Roesch, Martin Kronbichler, Nathan Weisz
BMC Medicine
Cortical speech tracking is related to individual prediction tendencies
Juliane Schubert, Fabian Schmidt, Quirin Gehmacher, Annika Bresgen, Nathan Weisz
Cerebral Cortex
Cochlear Theta Activity Oscillates in Phase Opposition during Interaural Attention
Moritz Herbert Albrecht Köhler, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Speech intelligibility changes the temporal evolution of neural speech tracking
Ya-Ping Chen, Fabian Schmidt, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz


Brain development: Viewing the world through infants’ eyes
Andreas Wutz, Nathan Weisz
Current Biology
Cortical Tracking of Formant Modulations Derived from Silently Presented Lip Movements and Its Decline with Age
Nina Suess, Anne Hauswald, Patrick Reisinger, Sebastian Rösch, Anne Keitel, Nathan Weisz
Cerebral Cortex
Influence of linguistic properties and hearing impairment on visual speech perception skills in the German language
Nina Suess, Anne Hauswald, Verena Zehentner, Jessica Depireux, Gudrun Herzog, Sebastian Rösch, Nathan Weisz
Degradation levels of continuous speech affect neural speech tracking and alpha power differently
Anne Hauswald, Anne Keitel, Ya-Ping Chen, Sebastian Rösch, Nathan Weisz
European Journal of Neuroscience
Efficient Prestimulus Network Integration of Fusiform Face Area Biases Face Perception during Binocular Rivalry
Elie Rassi, Andreas Wutz, Nicholas Peatfield, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Recommendations and publication guidelines for studies using frequency domain and time‐frequency domain analyses of neural time series
Andreas Keil, Edward M. Bernat, Michael X. Cohen, Mingzhou Ding, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton, Emily S. Kappenman, Eric Maris, Kyle E. Mathewson, Richard T. Ward, Nathan Weisz
Predisposition to domain-wide maladaptive changes in predictive coding in auditory phantom perception
Anusha Mohan, Alison Luckey, Nathan Weisz, Sven Vanneste
Direct cochlear recordings in humans show a theta rhythmic modulation of auditory nerve activity by selective attention
Quirin Gehmacher, Patrick Reisinger, Thomas Hartmann, Thomas Keintzel, Sebastian Rösch, Konrad Schwarz, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Neuroscience