Anne Hauswald

Anne Hauswald

Senior Scientist

PLUS Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

Department of Psychology

Research Interests:



Carrier‐frequency specific omission‐related neural activity in ordered sound sequences is independent of omission‐predictability
Anne Hauswald, Kaja Rosa Benz, Thomas Hartmann, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Nathan Weisz
European Journal of Neuroscience
Neural Speech Tracking Highlights the Importance of Visual Speech in Multi-speaker Situations
Chandra Leon Haider, Hyojin Park, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience


Neural speech tracking shifts from the syllabic to the modulation rate of speech as intelligibility decreases
Fabian Schmidt, Ya-Ping Chen, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Ronny Hannemann, Maja Serman, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz
Speech intelligibility changes the temporal evolution of neural speech tracking
Ya-Ping Chen, Fabian Schmidt, Anne Keitel, Sebastian Rösch, Anne Hauswald, Nathan Weisz


Cortical Tracking of Formant Modulations Derived from Silently Presented Lip Movements and Its Decline with Age
Nina Suess, Anne Hauswald, Patrick Reisinger, Sebastian Rösch, Anne Keitel, Nathan Weisz
Cerebral Cortex
Influence of linguistic properties and hearing impairment on visual speech perception skills in the German language
Nina Suess, Anne Hauswald, Verena Zehentner, Jessica Depireux, Gudrun Herzog, Sebastian Rösch, Nathan Weisz
Degradation levels of continuous speech affect neural speech tracking and alpha power differently
Anne Hauswald, Anne Keitel, Ya-Ping Chen, Sebastian Rösch, Nathan Weisz
European Journal of Neuroscience


Head magnetomyography (hMMG): A novel approach to monitor face and whole head muscular activity
Guido Barchiesi, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Frank H Wilhelm, Anne Hauswald, Gaëtan Sanchez, Nathan Weisz